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Online shopping giants fail to keep up with Australia's GST

A Net-A-Porter invoice showing the GST Marks & Spencer, which has launched an aggressive campaign into the Australian market clearly states on its Australian invoices, "your order isn't liable for any additional duties of import to your country". The London Stock Exchange company became the first British retailer to make a pre-tax profit of more than £1 billion (NZ$1.9 billion) two decades ago. It did not respond to requests for comment. Buying goods from overseas websites is set to get more expensive. One of the largest online-only fashion stores in the world, ASOS, states that new "international orders under A$1000 will be taxed an additional 10 per cent" from July 1, but nowhere is the new GST included in the sale price of items since the tax came into force last week or as an additional expense on invoices. It lobbied against the changes in 2016, successfully pushing the Turnbull government to delay the implementation of the tax until this month.  The A$3.3 billion a year retailer said "we will be paying the GST for all Australian orders". It would not elaborate on whether it had already started collecting GST, or if customers will be charged for this, potentially setting it up for a multi-million dollar bill at tax time. While industry titans Amazon and eBay have made well-publicised transitions to the new GST framework, the lack of consistency across the online sphere from smaller operators highlights the challenge the Australian Tax Office faces in policing the sector. US based electronics stores, vinyl retailers and sports shops have also failed to keep up with the legislative change as the ATO vows to match tax receipts and chase down offenders.

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